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Main Control

Juliet controller
  • Juliet controller

Juliet controller

Reference: MG108

The control cabinet developed to be installed in the door frame makes it highly appropriated for buildings without room for the traditional control cabinets.

The controller has a multi-layer printed circuit that has coating protection. It includes the control processor and all of the other elements of the control cabinet, eliminating all inter-connections. This new concept ensures an error-free assembly and reduces the dimensions and weight, making the product highly competitive.

General features

  • Minimum number of cables and 100% according to the Standards
  • Saving in costs, less fitting time and error-free assembly
  • Modular conception
  • One single travelling cable (no matter the number of floors)
  • Prewired KonboX system (shaft wiring system)
  • Simplified RJ45 type connections for indicators and announcers
  • Powerful parameterise and maintenance software common to all SmartLift products

    Controller features

  • Groups of up to 2 lifts
  • 2 … 16 stops up to 1,6 m/s
  • CAN bus or wire to wire with 8 MW0304 I/O modules
  • Integrated unbalance rescue
  • Battery for emergency lighting and emergency telephone with intelligent charger
  • Timer for the car lighting
  • Parameter configuration with PDA, MODEM or console.
  • Two door operators with pluggable relays
  • Bluetooth adaptor (Optional)
  • Phase sequence control
  • Cabinet temperature control
  • Mechanical fitting of contactors
  • Pre-wiring for low pit and headroom
  • Signal and command panel that can be configured for different Standards
  • Assisted tele-service and diagnostics
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