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Since 1982, the companies within the Sistel group have been pioneers in design, development and manufacture of high technology electronic solutions for sectors as demanding as the automotive, aviation, defence, telecommunications, banking or vertical transport.

In 1989, the first “SmartLift ” controller was created. The experience acquired with high performance industrial numeric controls made this creation possible. For the first time, a controller with powerful software and the characteristic strength (mechanical) of industrial products – became available to the Spanish elevator industry with all settings defined during the installation.

The controller 9809, simplifies the wiring work of the installer, guaranteeing a much lower error rate and, therefore, a much higher reliability in the installation. This design integrates all the functions in a single PCB, as well as simplifying its production and test, making it a much more friendly, and at more competitive price - Although a powerful controller already existed, cabling in the shaft continued to be a source of problems, cost and headaches for the installer and maintenance engineer, because it varied with each installation according to the number of storeys, peripheral devices or options.

Thanks to SmartLift ’s continuing innovation and technological capacity, it became clear that the number of conductors could be drastically reduced, thereby achieving a standard wiring, if the electric signals of doors and series as well as position sensors could be made to reach a printed circuit board in the cabin roof connected to a central controller by means of a field bus (CAN BUS).

External wiring, where norms have provoqued a significant increase of electric signals (push-buttons, direction arrows, audible confirmation signals, power supply, display, etc.) is not apt for industry; each harness is different. If the elevators work in groups, still more signals have to be added: hall lanterns or position indicator, among others.

With so many connections, exterior wiring is another big source of errors and faults at the start-up stage.

SmartLift ’s wire-to-wire to CAN BUS interphase considerably simplifies the installation with absolute independence of the number of storeys or peripheral devices installed

Going a step further in that same direction, by integrating the SmartLift interphase in the panel, the same functionality is achieved with a notable saving in time and connections, neither of which add value; only cost.
If the SIMPLEX achieved a notable saving, with the DUPLEX, the saving is doubled since only one travelling cable is required to control both cars, and still comply with the norm which makes it compulsory to indicate the direction of the next trip independently for each car.

Another example of the great advantage of the SmartLift ’s CAN BUS, becomes evident when one sees how modern and simple the cabling for the installation of the car is. A single model of travelling cable and inspection box covers all the options, rationalising the position sensors and giving service to two complete door operators, suitable for the most varied of actuators.

In 2003, thanks to the incorporation of a state of the art micro-controller in the DELTA manoeuvre, there was a notable increase in the protection against environmental and electromagnetic interference, making it possible to integrate telematic diagnostic functionalities.

In addition to complying with the test call and alarm norms, the SmartLift telephone, speaks the same language as the controller, making it possible, when necessary, to transmit the state of the elevator and its error log. Thus minimizing the costs and associated in times of intervention .

In line with SmartLift’s global vocation, and complying with the ever changing norms, the DELTA PLUS was developed. This constituted the basis of SmartLift’s internationalisation and the company’s technological defence . It contributed dozens of functionalities, the most notable of which were the direct approach, up to 64 stops, speeds of up to 4 metres per second and fire-fighting capability.

With the advent of the XXI century, the vertical transport industry witnessed the explosion of the residential elevator market, extremely sensitive to cost. With a total focus on this difficult market, the products were re-engineered, with a minimum sacrifice of the high performance characteristics of the DELTA. The result was the introduction of the ECO controller, capable of managing, traction, hydraulic and variable frequency elevators.

The growing need for controllers which could be easily installed and maintained, together with the imminent emergence of a large modernisation market, have led to an increasing demand for pre-assembl

led controllers. SmartLift devoted several years to developing the KONBOX, a new system of shaft wiring and, with it, the FOX family of controllers which, altogether, define the new standard in ease of installation and low total cost of ownership.

The traditional harness systems are based on hand-made work. It is difficult to industrialise and is highly susceptible to suffering from very expensive mistakes.

Thanks to the patented systems, KonboX and KonboX-FIX, it becomes possible to reduce assembly time to an absolute minimum, the result of which is a simple, well protected and fast installation.

The Bluetooth Console, based on a simple PDA, uses the most advanced technology to offer an extremely powerful configuration and diagnostic tool. Thanks to it, the maintenance engineer can remotely access the current state of the elevator and its cause, by remote control and without delay, when time is critical.

And time is gold! This is why SmartLift has a modern division for industrial design and fast prototyping. A test and self-certification laboratory offer a guarantee of robust products and quick response..

Our insistence on meticulous engineering, continuous rationalisation of the different components and the simplification of technical documentation, allow our clients to obtain important advantages in the reduction of stocked products, time devoted to training, ease of maintenance and, in short, high competitiveness through high technical performance at a lower cost of installation and operating.

For over 25 years, SmartLift has focused on improving its products in the light of our clients’ real needs, defining a new standard in functionality, technology and value for the vertical transport industry. With production plants strategically situated in Europe, Asia and America , SMARTLIFT is fully prepared to compete in the global market of the elevator industry. The SmartLift products follow a marked tradition of innovation and are the next milestone in the evolution of electronics for the vertical transport industry.

Smartlift, designing to meet tomorrow’s needs

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