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Can elevator controls be O.E.M. customised thread to thread or it is only possible in controls with CAN bus?

All controls with versions higher than 43 as well as programming terminals can be customised,. Peripheral ones (Car top inspection station, pushbuttons, displays and doors), only when they operate with CAN bus.

Can generic consoles (not OEM) operate on OEM controls?

Both, generic and OEM consoles can operate on all the controls with software version lower than Vxx.43. For Vxx.43 version or higher, generic terminals operate on generic controls and the OEM terminals operate only on controls of the same manufacturer.

Can the software version of an OEM control be changed to the same generic version, leaving it with no protection?

To initiate the software change routine in an OEM control it is necessary to have a terminal of the same OEM. From Vxx.43 version, including this one, it’s only supplied “firmware” to OEM customers and that is always customised.

Who has access to Telesurveillance / Telemaintenance?

To access an OEM installation the following is needed:
- To know the installation telephone number
- The OEM code must agree with the acquired VISUAL software
-To know the CUSTOM number

VISUAL CODE software is only supplied to OEM’s Can be interchanged peripheral of different OEM or between generic and OEM?

OEM customised products only work with the peripheral having the same protocol. In addition, when the code is extended to the CUSTOM, this one must also agree.

Who knows OEM code?

OEM codification is secret. It’s related to the name of the manufacturer, and this one is the only identifier in labels or internal references. It appears in no written documentation and it cannot be read by electronic means. Code checking transmissions are encrypted and they are never repeated.

Who programs OEM and CUSTOM codes?

OEM code is registered in the products during the manufacturing process and it cannot be modified. Code CUSTOM is programmed by the OEM and only the OEM can modify it.

Can an upgrade of generic controls be made to provide them with OEM protections?

The corresponding firmware versions are supplied with the OEM contract and they can be loaded to generic controls, remaining available from that moment only for the manufacturer or inspector OEM.

Is the protection against the access of other people to an OEM installation legal?

Availability of customised operative tools (OEM) is as legal as any own design could be. OEM protection confers to the installation the security that their most sensitive controls won’t be manipulated by people who haven’t been previously trained by the manufacturer and do not have the suitable tools supplied by him. That brings security to the lift. Conditions in which the manufacturer of the installation provides training and tools to the technical staff depend on their commercial strategies and on the law in force in each country.

Can the OEM customer acquire Telemanagement software? Which installations could it enter?

If the OEM has programmed a CUSTOM number in the components provided to this customer, the letter should require the Telemanagement software for the same CUSTOM number. The software only allows access to the products personalised by him.

Can an OEM make and trade copies of its own Teleservice software SmartLift® VISUAL-Code?

The Teleservice SmartLift® VISUAL-Code can not be transferred to third parties: It is codified to operate only with the OEM products and is not dependent of the CUSTOM number. License of Use is not transferable. SmartLift will always provide customized copies for OEM# + CUSTOM# at an agreed price.

Can I use the installation number as CUSTOM number?

Yes, but you have to know that there isn’t more than one installation with the same number so a Tele management software will be required for each installation and it is not practical. A possible solution is to use the thousand units (Between 00 and 65) to define the customer’s CUSTOM number and the following three numbers for the installation number. Requesting a “CUSTOM 00“Tele management software, it will be possible to operate the Tele management with up to 1000 lifts for each one of the 65 possible CUSTOM customers.

Can an OEM access his customers installations with personal CUSTOM?

If their customers’ know it and only for Technical Teleservice. With an OEM license we can access all CPU’s supplied to the same OEM only if the CUSTOM customer has authorized by parameters and given his phone number.

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